About Us

We are a Miami based company, but we are all around the world. We find that each and every city that we are based in gives a new and different look at the world at large. There are cities that take very well to the nature of man and there are those that fervently try to suppress what is a natural response to a natural situation. There are some places that would have a parade upon our arrival and there are some that start getting the tar and feathers.

We are dedicated to making sure that a man gets what he wants and needs in a safe and clean manner. There is nothing that is going to stop us from bringing this into the reach of every man that is in the market. We have been doing this for years and we have been doing this all over. There are some stories that we could tell, but we doubt that you are here for all of that. There are times when we thought the company could not do any better and then we are surprised when things go to the next level. It is a matter of being where we are supposed to be in life and doing what we are supposed to be doing.

The world changes and we try to alter a bit to change with it. The biggest changes have been the ones in technology that make it the most fun for us. There was a time when we were an ad on the back page of the newspaper and now there are tablets, computers, mobile phones and many more ways that we can be reached. We even got a call from a man the other day that looked us up through his Xbox. We cannot wait to see what the next advance in technology will be and we cannot wait to see where this is going to go in the future. We can remember watching movies twenty years ago that seemed so outrageous and now that technology is a way of life for everyone.

We know that there are those in the world that do not look as kindly upon our world as others and we fight not so much to change these people, but to make them realize that everyone has an opinion and everyone has the right to enjoy themselves, as long as it does not go against the rights of others. We have a long journey ahead, but rest assured that in every city where we have an office, we have established things in such a way that you have nothing to worry about.

We have met so many people as the years have gone by and we have met so many fun, gorgeous women along the way. Sometimes we just sit back and reminiscence about the past and everything that we have seen and done. Oh, some of the parties that we have had for the office. Not every office space could handle such a party. There have been times when we have literally taken over a hotel floor. We could tell you some stories about those parties. We sometimes feel like rock stars, surrounded by girls and girls, all of them hotter than the next.

We started this business log ago to make sure that men and women alike has access to the services that were needed most. In the unknown world of today, there are some things that you can count on and the most important fundamental things are often the most important. When you are unsure what is around the next corner, take advantage of a sure thing and give us a call. We are there when no one else is and we are there because we want to be.

Our girls come from a variety of backgrounds and our girls are all here because this is what is fun to them. None of them are here out of financial necessity or anything like that. They are here because they like to have fun and they are here to give you the fun that you deserve. They come from all walks of life and each of them has a unique story. Some late night they just might tell you their story, but you are having them over for a very different reason at the moment. We love each and every one of our girls and we love them for who they are and not for who we want them to be.

We are here because we accept man and mankind as being exactly as it is supposed to be at any given moment. We respect the desires of mankind and we respect the needs the come with life. You work hard, we work hard and each and every one of us deserves the time and the attention of another person that genuinely wants to be there. Despite the obvious job requirements, we look for that trait in every girl we interview. We want only those girls that really want to be there and only girls that really want to make another person happier in their life.

Each of us has our own background too. Some of us came from the world of big finance and others came from the assembly lines. We each and every one of us knows our job forward and back and we cross train each other to fill in the gaps. We are here to learn and we are here to strive each day to be more than we were the day before. Our combination of skills and knowledge came together to create the perfect match of fun and business.

We know that you will have your mind on other things when we are doing business, but we wanted you to know that this is one of the most professional companies that you will ever come in contact with. We spent a long time before actually opening our doors putting the right mix of people together in a group that is born to please. Each location has an interview period that last for over six weeks before the doors even open. That is not the only part that goes into the opening of each office. There is the advertising and the websites and the office staff. These things can take months to put together and our first six months are very intense. We do all of this to ensure that you have a fun and safe time with some of the most gorgeous women in your world.