A new study doesn’t look good for pot smokers. It seems that if you smoke a lot of marijuana in your younger days (and young people sure seem to be smoking more pot than ever before), there’s a greater chance you’ll end up worse off than your parents both from a social standpoint and from an economic standpoint. This is all thanks to a recent study that, while it cannot actually show there’s a causal relationship between the two, points to a link between doing more poorly than your parents and being a heavy pot smoker when you’re a kid. It may be the case that the reason there’s a link is that because if your home life is already bad and your parents are not nurturing and supportive, you’re more likely to turn to drugs to cope. It isn’t necessarily the case that smoking a lot of pot will affect you negatively… but it might, too. Right now we don’t have enough information to say for sure.┬áThe study appeared in a journal about clinical psychology.

The researchers did find that if you use marijuana a lot over a long period of time, you are more likely to have problems at work, have relationship problems, have domestic violence problems, to have to resort to crime or lying on the job or just to get by, and to have a variety of other problems. Interestingly, the study was in New Zealand and covered people from the time they were born in the 1970s until now, making it a truly massive study forty years in the making. The researchers referred to the problems experienced by the heavy, regular marijuana users as “downward social mobility.” They also highlighted a variety of other issues these people experienced, including financial problems. Some were dependent on the drug at least psychologically, too.

By contrast, people who were not regular or heavy marijuana users found themselves a little better off than there parents were, which has traditionally been every parent’s dream. All parents want their kids to be better off than they were, after all, and most work toward that goal. It’s possible that some parents simply aren’t up to the task, which is why their kids turn to pot. Or it’s possible that pot makes these kids make bad decisions in the rest of their lives over time.

All this comes at a time when more and more areas are legalizing pot smoking recreationally. The legal pot business has hit multiple billions of dollars, annually, and that means there is huge demand for it. Most people who smoke pot, or who think they want to smoke pot, don’t consider it a dangerous or habit-forming drug. They just see it as a great way to get their party on, and frankly, that’s the way the majority of young people look at drug use. Examining the long term results of marijuana use, especially regular, habitual marijuana use, might change some attitudes over the long term. Again, it’s difficult to say, and cultural trends are sometimes hard to predict.

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