Brandy, the 23 year old Miami escort believes in enjoying life to the fullest. Brandy enjoys others who love having a good time as well. Brandy is bold, friendly, and very spontaneous and definitely knows the art of surprising you. Her graceful ways can turn you on instantaneously. Call Brandy now and get ready to explore her exotic ways of seducing you.If you are looking for an Argentinian beauty for your next date, you must check out Brandy. Young Brandy is only 23 years old, still fresh and unspoiled. With her long straight black hair that hits at her waist and her dark eyes with their distinctive shape, she has an exotic flair that makes her very sexy.

A Miami native, Brandy had a bit of a repressive childhood thanks to her overprotective parents. Throughout her childhood, she attended some of the finest private schools in the Miami area. These tended to feed her shyness and insecurities. As she became a young woman, however, Brandy started blossoming into her own person. The day after she graduated from her exclusive all-girls high school, Brandy packed her bags and moved to the heart of the city, never looking back.

Yes, Brandy was ‘discovered’ very soon after leaving home. We know talent, a mesmerizing and sexy body and stunning personality when we see them. In the five years since she has been an escort, Brandy has gathered quite a following of adoring fans, both men and women. You see, all those years of private school with no other outlets for relationships, Brandy was free to explore her bisexual side and she now embraces it wholeheartedly.


Age 23
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Argentinian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts
Miami escorts Miami escorts
Brandy is our night girl. In fact, we may have never seen her during the day. If there is such a thing as vampires, then Brandy is the one. She is quiet as a mouse most of the time and she will just sneak right up on you and lay a kiss on you for no reason. She has been with us at the office for a short time now and we are not sure if she is here to stay or we are just a way point on her journey through the night. She is mysterious and quiet and there is no telling what is in her mind at any given moment. She will be there one minute and be somewhere else in the office the next. She moves through the shadows and then she is gone.

She does not have much to say, but when Brandy opens her mouth, she speaks volumes in a few short words. You have that feeling like she is always there, always watching you. She has gone out with us a few times and you can tell there is a tiger inside her and she could pounce if the mood struck her. She is the perfect date for a business or office meeting and someone on vacation will have everyone talking when they see Brandy on your arm. If you are just looking to stay in for ta night, then we know that you will want Brandy curled up next to you. She has that way of just laying against you that makes everything else go straight out of your mind. Once she gets comfortable, you are in for a good time.

There is no stopping this girl once she gets started. First there is a little kiss and then the night is gone and you are begging for more. There is no way that you can go through life without having spent a night with Brandy, there is simply no way. She is someone that should be in every man’s bucket list and life will never be the same after she is through with you. That is how it is too, there is that moment when she is there and then there is every moment after that. Brandy is a life changing event and it is time you picked up the phone and changed your life today.