Sultry, dark-haired Christine is a 21-year-old ball of fire whose rate is $500/hr. She loves to go dancing in night clubs and is very big into the local club scene here. She thinks of herself as the ultimate party girl. The lifestyle of a professional escort, which is itself one great big party, has been perfectly suited to her, and she thinks of herself as very fortunate to have found this job. One of the other things she enjoys, in her spare time and in her personal life, is wearing sexy lingerie. She has, she says, a very extensive collection of sexy outfits and dress-up clothes that make her as sexy as possible.


Age 21
Height 5’2″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts

“You kind of take the party lifestyle for granted when you consider taking on this job,” Christine admits. “Until you’ve experienced it, it’s very theoretical. You hear the other girls talking about it, sure, but most of the time you think, ‘Well that just sounds great. I can party all night, all day, all week long, and get paid to do it? I can spend my work days getting to know new and interesting men, going out on dates with them, being wined and dined, and even going with them on social occasions and to work functions? Honestly, that sounds like a dream come true when you first hear it. You think of it as a way to connect both your social life and your work life, kind of like having your cake and eating it too, you know? But then when you experience it, that’s when the reality of it hits you. And when that reality hits is when you see which of the girls can handle the escort lifestyle and which of them can’t. The way we do things separates people out pretty quick. The ones who can’t handle it don’t stay long.”

Christine goes on to explain that it isn’t the partying or the energy required to go out and have so much fun as “work” that takes its toll, but rather the need to pace yourself. “When you have clients, your only goal is to make them happy and show them a good time,” she says. “But for those clients, the escort experience is just once in a while. It isn’t their day to day job. They don’t go out with an escort every single night. As escorts, though, we have to go out and party and have fun each and every night. That’s fun for most people for a little while… but after a month of nonstop partying, if you don’t have the stamina and the energy to do a job like this, you’ll be dragging like crazy. And the thing is, if you show up to work too tired to give it your all, if you don’t have the energy or the sense of fun to be as happy at the end of the month as you were at the beginning, you’re giving the client a poor experience. He doesn’t want a burned out, turned out girl who isn’t having a good time. He deserves a girl who is having just as much fun as he is, and just as much fun as he wants to have.”

Christine continues, “So what you have to do is figure out very early on if you have the stamina to keep up the pace. Every client has to get one hundred percent of your energy. You have to look as fresh on Monday as you do on Friday. You have to have the same smile on your face on the first of the month as you would on the thirty-first. You learn fast if you can keep it up. The girls who have stayed on are the ones who are just endless balls of fire. You look at them partying down and you think, ‘Wow. That’s an amazing girl right there. She can really keep up the pace.’”

Christine’s love of lingerie has to do with her enjoyment of taking on different roles and pretending to be different people. “I love the costume aspect of lingerie,” she explains. “I really enjoy getting to pretend to be different people. Role Play, fetish play, call it what you want. It’s great to be able to just disappear into a fantasy. And the thing about fantasies is that everybody has them. Everybody has somebody or something they want to try, or something they have always wanted to do, or some role they have always wanted to try on. When you engage in fantasy play with someone you’re close to, you’re getting a chance to live out your dreams. What could be better than living your dreams? Who could ask for more than that? That’s why I get so into sexy, frilly lingerie, and the more revealing, the better.”