Emma may seem shy at first, but with a few dollars in her thong she turns into a wild woman, all with one of the sexiest figures on the planet. If you’re into blondes, Emma is the babe for you. Emma is a wild woman once she gets going. Sure, it can take a bit of time for her to get over her shyness but once she does though watch out! She pulls out all the stops to get you excited and to bring a special kind of pleasure to the situation.

With her long, flowing blonde mane and sexy body, Emma is one escort that you will want to hire again and again. Her five foot six inch frame curves in all the right places while her large breasts are perfectly formed and feel great in your hands.

Emma has a dream to be a dancer so she is in really great shape. She likes to keep herself toned and lean so that she never has to worry about lacking the stamina to do what she wants. She is also very flexible, thanks to her training as a dancer, so be sure to use that to your advantage when you have her join you in a date soon.


Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Black
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts
Emma is easily the classic beauty. She has everything that a man wants and more. She would be considered gorgeous by any standard, in any time and any place. Although some the things that she likes to do are not considered proper in all places, but it is a good thing that she is coming to your place, where anything goes. Emma has that special something that you cannot put your finger on. There is simply something in a way of perfection about Emma and we know you will want to see it up close and personal. There is no way that you will forgive yourself if you do not pick Emma to be by your side. She loves to do just about anything and looks good doing everything. She is the kind of girl that can be at a cookout or a formal dinner and not seem out of place.

If you are looking to hit the town, Emma knows all the right spots and she can take you there through all the right short cuts. She has been here in town since she was a little girl and she knows where the good times are. If you have a business occasion that you want to take her to, just let us know and she will show up in her best dress. Keep in mind that the mood she is in, that the dress might not last all night long. The mood she puts you in might cause you to skip a business affair or two and have an affair with her. She is perfectly happy to stay in and do what you want or to go out and have a good time on the town.

She is sure to impress wherever you go and just looking at Emma might change your plans for the night. She is ready and waiting and she just got back from vacation. That means that she is tanned and fit and totally relaxed, ready to relax you. She is a gym nut, so she has the right muscle tone in some very cool places and that can mean more fun for you. She has this special talent that we have only heard about, but she might show you that talent if the timing is just right. She is looking forward to your call and is only minutes away.