Jenna, the sexy babe and recent graduate of U of Miami, love showing off her goods. She loves flaunting everything she’s got and will be the first to admit it. Throw a few singles at her and see what type of wild girl you can turn her into!If our office gave out awards for ‘party girl,’ Jenna would win – hands down. Only 19 years old, she is still enjoying the tremendous sense of freedom and independence that reaching that milestone 21st birthday gave her. As such, if she is not working, you will most likely find Jenna at the trendiest nightclubs and bars in town.

Jenna’s party girl persona is fueled by her highly social and friendly personality. To say she never met a stranger would be a highly accurate way to describe how she feels about those people that she meets. A sweet and vivacious girl, she loves to hug her friends and cuddle with the men that she dates.

Jenna is our newest escort and her sweet innocence and eagerness to learn new skills have made her very popular with all of our clients. She is like a beautiful breath of fresh air as she gets to know the special things about you that make you unique. Getting to know you better helps her become a better companion to you so that your time with her is more pleasurable.


Age 19
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Brazilian
Orientation Straight
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts
Oh Jenna, how we love you. We can say it over and over again and it will never be said enough. Jenna is our good girl that can be very bad. You actually feel bad later on. It is almost like you have done something bad with a good that had no idea what was coming. The fact is, though, that Jenna knows exactly what she is doing and she knows exactly what you want. She is the head mistress of a very secret club that knows the secret heart of men. She knows what you want before it pops into your head and she will be giving you what you want before the door even closes. She can be so shy and so good and then out of nowhere you are a changed man. It is that quick the way she changes you and it is that amazing.

She came out of nowhere one night and has been with us ever since. There are no questions asked, she is exactly where we want her to be and she is exactly where she wants to be. Nothing makes her more content than to make a man content. Content is the word for it too. There is not an ounce of stress left in your body after spending some time with this little vixen. You can take her out on the town or you can spend the night on the couch and it is the same to her. As long as she gets what she wants by the end of the night, there is nothing more to be said. She will wait patiently and then she will attack you if you are not on the ball. She has certain things she wants and certain things she needs and she will not be denied. Do not think for a minute that your night is ending on that innocent little note.

The first thing that Jenna wants is for you to call. There is nothing that can happen without your fingers on that computer mouse or dialing the phone. That is just the beginning and then the real magic happens. This not something that you can put off a minute longer. The quicker that you call, the quicker you can be sitting back relaxing and letting Jenna explain the secrets of life to you. Start right now and you can be making that second call even sooner too.