Beautiful Jenny is a 21-year-old babe who puts the “dirty” in “dirty blonde.” She charges $500/hour. She really enjoys the people-meeting side of being a professional entertainer, and one of her favorite pastimes is dating and even speed-dating. She also keeps a diary of her adventures and, while she would never share it with another living soul, she likes to page through it herself sometimes, just to see where she’s been and try to guess where she’s headed.


Age 21
Height 5’6″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“That’s the thing about this journey we’re all on,” she says, smiling. “Everything you do, everything you experience, is another adventure. It’s a chance to write a new chapter. Every time I turn a page in my diary, I’m thinking about how that page relates to the day I’ve spent, or will spend. Every day that goes by in your life is another page in your personal story. Every time you do something with your day, you’ve written an adventure that you can then put in that book. When you look back on the book of your life, when you think about the stories you’ve told and the ones you’ve written, what will you have to show for it? Will it be a boring tale that was all about what you could avoid and what you were afraid to try? Or will you really get out there and live life? Will you write a story that’s worth reading? I think about that every time I go through my diary and I have happy, awesome memories. I think that if I hadn’t done that, or I hadn’t done this, or I had been afraid to try such-and-such, I never would have had this memory that I’m enjoying now. Life is all about building good memories so that you have good things to look back on.”

Jenny carries this attitude into her approach to her job as a professional entertainer. “All I do is meet new and exciting people,” she says, “and so every day, there’s this new chance for me to build a great memory. But it isn’t for me. Or I should say, it isn’t just for me. When you go out with a client, when you show him a good time and either show him the town, or go to his business or social event, or go out for drinks and dancing with him, and even when you just spend some time getting to know him like in his hotel room or something like that, you are helping him to create memories, too. If you can’t do that, you have no business in this profession. Your job is to give every client an experience that will go down in the pages of his own journal or diary. Even if he doesn’t keep one, and most guys don’t, he’ll look back with real pride and happiness. You’ll become one of those stories he tells his friends. You’ll become one of the things he thinks about, late at night, when he’s turned on and remembering. I love that that’s how it works.”

In her off time, Jenny enjoys blind dating. “When you look like me, it can be harder than you might think to get a date,” she says, laughing. “I know what you’re thinking. You’re looking me up and down and wondering how I could ever have trouble getting a guy to ask me out. But the thing is, guys look at you when you’re out and they think they don’t have a chance. They think they’re out of your league. They picture themselves buying you a drink, or walking up to you and asking you to dance or just talking to you, and they figure you’ll brush them off. They think you’ll make them look like a fool. So they don’t ask. They focus on women they think might be more in their league, so there’s less chance of being rejected.”

Jenny goes on, “It’s even worse when you go out with your girlfriends. Guys see a group of girls together and they get scared to approach you. They figure if they walk up to you, you’ll say something to cut them down and your friends will laugh at them. As much as every guy hates to be rejected, they hate it more in front of a group of girls. I would never do that to a guy. I would never be mean to him, even if maybe I wasn’t interested. That’s why I like blind dating. Blind dating gives me a chance to meet all kinds of different men and enjoy their company. There’s no pressure, and of course they don’t say know ahead of time based on my appearance because they don’t know I’m this hot. I love the look of surprise on their faces. It’s surprise and happiness.”