Sexy 21-year-old Karla is a fireball of a brunette. She charges $500/hour. She used to be an amateur fetish model and is therefore pretty comfortable with individuals’ unique tastes and preferences. She loves performance art, she loves film actors, and she loves doing the type of work she does as a professional entertainer and escort.


Age 21
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Cacuasian
Orientation Straight
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts

“One of the things I love most about being an escort is that I get to have my picture on the site,” Karla says. “I really like the thought men looking through the profiles here, reading my biography, and thinking about what I think. They’re actually trying to get to know me through the things that I think. I guess that’s pretty wonderful. People you don’t even know see your sexy picture and they want to get to know who you are. Could there be anything more flattering? Could there be anything more exciting than knowing that people want to get in touch with you, make a connection with you, and thus get closer to you?”

Karla understands that not every girl is exactly what every guy wants. “If I’m not exactly what you’re into,” she explains, “I hope you’ll look at the other listings and pick somebody who is. Our goal here is to make you happy. If you’re not happy, there’s no point, and you won’t be as happy as you can be if you try to make a connection with someone who isn’t exactly what you’re looking for. Every man has different tastes. All the girls here are incredibly good looking, but they have different looks. Every man has a different combination of things that is just what they want. All I hope is that you’ll look for the one that turns you on most, and then ask for her. Maybe she’s available, maybe she isn’t, but we’ll find somebody for you that you’ll like just as much.”

Karla goes on, “I mean, there are so many different combinations of things that could be what gets you going. If you like gorgeous blondes with big hair and big personality, then that’s your thing and who is to say otherwise? But if you like them darker haired, if you like them with a figure like mine, maybe we can make a connection. And if you are into fiery redheads, well, that’s okay too, because who gets to say who’s right and who’s wrong when it comes to what you like? I think I’m pretty damned sexy, but maybe you prefer a girl with a more petite figure than mine, or a more buxom figure than mine, or whatever. It’s up to you what you like, and the only really important thing is that you’re satisfied. If you’re into big breasts, small breasts, a big butt, a smaller one, a tiny waist… well whatever you like is what you like.”

Karla’s security with her body and herself comes in part from the fact that she loves how she looks. “I adore my body,” she says. “What makes me happiest is to stand in front of a big mirror where I can see as much of me as possible. I like to look at my curves and slide my hands up and across my body. I like to explore every inch of myself. There’s something that’s so beautiful about the female body, and that’s what motivates me to stay in shape. I think being beautiful is one of the greatest things you can contribute to the world. Every time a hot chick gets hotter, the world is a better place.”

One of the things Karla likes most in the world is getting close to the people she meets. “I’m all about intimacy,” she says. “I don’t think people get close enough to each other in life. Think about how we separate ourselves from each other just in the course of how we go about things. We use our technology to separate ourselves. We ignore the people we’re having dinner with in order to text people who aren’t there. We go out of our way to avoid dealing with human beings when we can go to self-checkouts and drive-up ATMs. But what is it that every human being really wants, deep down? They want connection. They want intimacy. They want to feel close to another warm-blooded human being. I think it’s crazy that we deny ourselves that connection. We should all spend time getting close to each other. We should give in to our need for intimacy. It’s really important that we make those connections, because we can live happier, sexier lives when we do.”

Karla’s devotion to her work extends to how much she loves meeting new people. “Every chance I get to meet someone and get close them, I take it. I can’t not.”