Dirty-blonde Kim is a sizzling party girl with a flair for good times. She is 20 years old and charges $500/hour. One of her favorite pastimes is posing for photographs. She is something of an exhibitionist who isn’t shy about having her nude photos taken and shared. She also likes to stay in shape to keep her incredible body in the prime condition that it’s in. She thinks that if she can make her client look good, especially in front of other women, his coworkers, his friends and family, or just people who pass them on the street or in a club, then he not only gets his money’s worth, but she knows she’s doing her job well. That type of satisfaction makes her happy. The happier she is, she says, the easier it is to pass on those great feelings and memories to her clients.


Age 20
Height 5’4″
Hair Dirty Blonde
Ethnicity Mixed
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“It’s true,” she says. “I love my body. I think every man likes a nicely shaped behind, of course, and that’s one of those things that just ranks up there among the stuff that guys are into. Men also like a nicely shaped stomach, and of course every man is always looking at your chest. Some men are very much into the shape and length of your legs, and I don’t think anybody would tell you that they shouldn’t be, especially if you have nicely firm, nicely toned, nicely shaped legs. A guy who looks at a hot girl, well, we all know what he’s thinking. No matter how polite he is, no matter how well he tries to hide it, no matter how good he is at keeping his emotions bottled up, there’s a reason that all men are motivated to stare at hot girls. It’s because their bodies respond to attractive women. They’re experiencing a completely involuntary reaction to a girl being super attractive. Their bodies are screaming at them: They want to be with that girl, and they are helpless to that feeling.”

Kim goes on, “Now, that’s not to say that men aren’t in control of themselves. Can you imagine if they weren’t? We drench our society in sex these days. There isn’t a single minute your television is on that it’s not trying to sell you sex. The same is true in our magazines and other entertainment. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I think sex, and sexuality, are perfectly natural, so it makes sense that so many people respond to it. I mean, how could they not? Like the need for food, water, shelter, and sleep, sex is just one of those things you crave. You won’t die without it, no, but you’ll sure feel like you might, and eventually you might wonder what the point is in going on living. I think that’s why people should indulge their sexualities. I think it makes perfect sense to get in touch with your body and what it wants. That’s what I do, on a regular basis. It makes me an uninhibited person, sure. It also makes me the kind of woman who can tell what a man wants, anticipate his needs, and give him what he’s searching for. After all, at the end of the day, that’s what every man wants. He wants his search to be over. He wants to feel satisfaction.”

“That’s why,” Kim continues, “even a guy who is with a smoking hot girl of his own can’t help himself from looking at other attractive women that go by. He may have gotten really good at hiding it, and he may even force himself not to look, but he wants to look. It would be cruel to deny him that. I think when you’re good looking, and you’re secure in your body and in your relationship, you and your man can go out and walk around and see other hot women, and it’s okay for him to look. You can look too. The two of you can talk about the women you see and how sexy they are. I guarantee if you do that, when you get your man home, he’s going to be ready to go. And on top of that, he’s going to think you are one cool chick.”

Kim concludes, “They say that women like confident men. Well, let me tell you, the same is true of men. Men love confident women. They love a woman who is secure enough in her sexuality and her appearance that she doesn’t get jealous. She doesn’t punish him for just being a guy. She doesn’t act like his life ended when he got with her and now he’s got to pretend his junk is dead and his sex drive is invisible. If more women understood that, a lot of them would be a lot happier.”