Raven-haired Linda is a sultry temptress. She is 25 years old and full of energy. Her hourly rate is $500. She enjoys staying active and likes to fill her days with things like hiking and bird watching. She also does yoga and pilates, and sometimes she takes spin class. One of her favorite things to do is to play naughty games that require the loser to strip. It doesn’t matter what the game is as long as somebody’s getting naked, she says.


Age 25
Height 5’3″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Cacuasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“Every man loves sex,” Linda explains. “Whether you’re a single fellow who’s out there having fun, or you’ve settled down with someone, you love doing it. You enjoy talking about it, too. And if there’s something that stimulates the same part of your brain, that is something you’ll enjoy. I think that is the key to why men are always happier when they have beautiful women around. Think about those rich guys you see on social media sites like Instagram. They post pictures of themselves absolutely surrounded by half-naked, super-hot women all the time. In some cases they may be sleeping with one or two of those women, but no man, no matter how rich, is bedding twenty women at a time. So why post those pictures of themselves surrounded by half-naked women? It’s because they feel important and valued when they do. And they know that other men, who wish they could feel the same way, will feel jealous when they see such a spectacle.”

Linda goes on, “Men love beautiful women for this reason. It’s because of how women make them feel just by being around. Looking at a woman’s sexy curves is very pleasurable, of course, and again it stimulates you and makes you think about sex. That’s why every guy’s head turns, if only just a little, when he’s driving down the street and he sees an incredibly hot girl in a pair of skintight yoga pants. He could be happily married. He could have a girlfriend. That girlfriend could be a model and sitting in the passenger seat of the car, and he would still want to look at the hot girl running by. Men can’t help that they are motivated and driven by sex. It’s just how they are wired. If you try to change that, if you try to ignore that, you will never be able to get a man’ attention, or keep it. That’s why I have embraced the idea. I never fault a man for thinking sexy thoughts. It’s what he’s meant to do with his mind. It’s how God or nature created him.”

One of the reasons dating a professional escort is so much better than dating a non-professional woman, Linda believes, is that you can leave behind all the baggage and nonsense of traditional dating, skipping right to the end. “Instead of trying to get a woman’s attention, working to get more dates with her, spending money trying to impress her, and forever trying to pass her tests to prove your worthiness,” she says, “you can skip right to the good part of dating, which is being put in touch with a beautiful, sexy girl who wants to spend time with you. Booking an escort saves you so much time in the long run. It is more cost-effective, too, because you’re not wasting a lot of money trying to impress women when those relationships aren’t going to go anywhere. And the best part is, you can fit in dating an escort during your schedule no matter how tight it is. If you know you’re only free for an hour on one specific day of the week, you can book that hour and spend time with an escort and thus get a ‘fix’ of feminine companionship.”

The best part, Linda adds, is that you never have to try to be one of those silly “pick up artists” you read about on the Internet. “There are a lot of guys devoting an awful lot of time and energy to formulas and tactics they think will allow them to pick up unsuspecting women,” she says. “I’ve never understood these guys, either. There’s just so much work involved, and you spend so much time being fake. If you have to work at picking up women by following a system, if you can’t just do what comes naturally, then you’re spinning your wheels and going the long way around. You can just hire a beautiful, professional escort and get to know her. You don’t have to walk up to strange women in a bar and hope they don’t catch on to what you are trying to do to manipulate them. You can book my time and be honest with me. We can go out for drinks and whatever else and have fun.”