Twenty-five-year-old Maddison is a blonde bombshell who knows how to have a good time. Her rate is $500/hour. She likes to keep her incredible body in shape through bicycling and aerobics. She is also not shy about her interest in fetish play. She does not really think of herself in terms of whether she’s “dominant” or “submissive,” but she is never shy about telling the men in her life what she likes and what she wants. She does not have a “type” and considers herself a free spirit with a positive attitude.


Age 25
Height 5’3″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Latina
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“Every type of man, every different personality, and every different set of skills in a man is interesting to me,” she says. “It’s a joy, and one of the great fringe benefits of my job, that I get to meet different types of men all the time. I get to hear their stories. I get to talk to them and ask them questions. To me, the most interesting thing you can do is get to know different people, because the world is nothing but people. Think about that for a minute. If we lived in a world full of things but not people, what would be the point in anything? There would be no one to talk to, no one to share with, and no one to be close to. When I meet a new man, I instantly want to know everything about him. I won’t push him, but I love to get to know what makes him tick. What are his dreams and his goals? What does he like? What interests him? It’s like unlocking a new puzzle every time.”

Maddison explains that she knows men have different levels of confidence, too, and this can make a difference in how she approaches them. “I think every man, deep down, has more confidence than he gives himself credit for,” she says. “There are men who think of themselves as very confident, and they usually are. They have no trouble approaching women, even very attractive women. They know their value and they figure they can just count on that. They know what they have to offer, in other words. But then there are men who have less confidence. They don’t know whether they’re valuable or not, so they doubt themselves. They don’t approach women, or they feel less confident when they do, and this translates into what they think of as less success. But the fact that that inside every man is a confident, powerful man, whether that inner man has had a chance to come out and play or not.”

Maddison goes on, “I see one of my tasks, as a professional entertainer, to be helping that confident inner man come out to have a good time. Some men don’t need much help, if any, and so we can get right to going out, dancing, drinking, partying, and having a great time. Some men, though, need to warm up a little. It’s my job as an escort to help a man relax. I help him to get in touch with his inner self. The more relaxed and comfortable he is, obviously, the better his time out and with me is going to be. So I help every man who takes me out to feel better about himself. When he’s relaxed, he’s going to have more fun, and the more fun he has, the more he’s going to crave that experience.”

Maddison explains that this is how repeat clients, and a good business relationship, are built up over time. “When a guy becomes a repeat client, that sends a signal that he’s come to trust me and the staff here,” she says. “That’s really important to me. It isn’t just important for the reasons that you might think, either. I mean, yeah, you want the business to do well. If the business doesn’t do well, I don’t have a job. But mostly I want every man who gets to know me to be able to enjoy himself and experience the best that life has to offer. I figure if you can’t go through life helping people, if you can’t assist them to achieve something like that, then there’s not much point to anything we do as human beings.”

The type of personable, engaging client satisfaction that she offers is what Maddison sees as the value she adds to the experience of hiring an escort. “This is the ultimate service business, in a service economy,” she explains. “You have to be able to put the client first. If you can’t, then it’s time to find another profession. Clients need to know they can count on us. I’m proud of how well I show them that. I take real pride in my job and I always give it one hundred percent.”