Gorgeous Monica is a 24-year-old brunette who likes to laugh and enjoys people who have a good sense of humor. She charges $500/hour. She likes to spend her free time socializing and having fun with her friends. She has some background as a cheerleader and understands the cheerleader and innocent-girl fantasies that a lot of men have. She also likes being able to please a man. Shopping is something she spends her spare time doing, too, but mostly, she just tries to be the best escort she can be. She says she derives a lot of satisfaction from doing her job well.


Age 24
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Cacuasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts

A good escort, Monica explains, is part of the umbrella of services and products out there that could be considered the “adult entertainment industry,” but she doesn’t see it quite as simple as that. In part, that’s because the service she provides is not one of sex, but of sexy companionship and presence. “When you book me,” she says, “you’re not getting anything other than my company. It’s not a promise for anything more than that, although I’m always happy to see what develops. But this just makes it that much clearer why what we do is so important. It’s because, deep down, every man craves the company of a beautiful woman. He wants her nearby. He wants to have her be part of his life. Even if it’s just temporary, even if it’s only for a little while, having a beautiful woman around not only makes him feel happy, but makes him feel more valuable. It raises his confidence. It gives him sort of a wind beneath his wings. I think that’s so special. I love that part of my job is providing that to my clients.”

Monica goes on, “There are a few ways that men choose to fill that need, that desire to have beautiful women around them and part of their lives. I think an escort service like ours is absolutely the best and most satisfying alternative. There are other options, but none of them are as good, because none of them does what we do. Like, a guy could spend a lot of time looking at porn. He could see beautiful women, then, and he’d have access to just about any beautiful woman he wanted that way, from the very famous ones to the amateur ones. He could absolutely surround himself with wall to wall beauty and sexuality. So on some level it’s going to make him happier than without it. That’s why all men look at porn. There is a saying: There are two types of men. There are the ones who look at porn and the ones who lie about looking at porn. But after a while, that’s not going to satisfy you. It’s just a temporary fix.”

Monica continues, “What men want is real companionship. They want a physical presence. It isn’t even about sex, because an escort service doesn’t provide that. It’s about the physical presence of having you in the room: being able to touch your hair, smell your perfume, hear your voice, even hold your hand. When I go out with a man, one of my favorite things to do is to take his arm as we walk together. When there’s that physical contact between us, sometimes for the first time of the night, this little electric shock passes between us. There’s just this spark, you know? Like this current or charge that represents the potential for the night, and everything that might or could happen for us. Every man responds to that. When he takes your arm for the first time or when he holds your hand for the first time, I think that moment has more power than a first kiss.”

Some of the other alternatives for feminine companionship, Monica explains, include phone and webcam chat lines, but those, too aren’t satisfying. “It’s nice to connect with someone else, even long distance,” she says. “I’m not trying to dismiss that. But when you talk to someone on the phone, or you’re staring at them on a computer screen, that voice, that little two dimensional image, that isn’t the same as a real person. You can’t take that little window out to dinner. You can’t go dancing with it. You can’t impress your friends and family with what a ladies’ man you are with something like that. You’re just kind of playing at it, kind of pretending.”

“With a professional entertainer like me,” Monica concludes, “you’re getting the best possible interaction. This is real female companionship. This is real presence. The memories you make with me aren’t pretend. They’re real experiences that you’ll have to keep you company for the rest of your life. I think that’s awesome and, frankly, I wouldn’t want to change it.”