Mysterious Raven is a brunette with a killer body and the confidence to match. Just 22, she charges $500/hr. She is also a bisexual, and she loves to spend her free time at the beach or at the side of the nearest pool. She likes to eat out at fine restaurants, she loves going to movies, and she considers herself something of a film buff. She also likes fast cars and powerful machines… as well as the men who operate them.


Age 22
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“I don’t know if I would call myself a ‘fast girl,” Raven says, laughing, “but I do enjoy going fast, and I do enjoy sports cars. There’s just something about the barely restrained power of a monster machine that appeals to me. I think all of us get excited about power and speed to some degree. It’s the reason we like amusement park rides like rollercoasters. We want the thrill, but we want to know there’s no real risk. We like the simulation of risk. We like to know it’s a simulation, and we want to know that everything is fine, even as we pretend it’s not. That’s kind of strange, isn’t it? I guess that says something about human nature.”

Raven goes on, “I saw this video online once, with this famous girl who has been in all the tabloids. She was on this small plane in Australia. The plane ride was something sponsored by some television show they have out there. Everyone on the plane was a trained actor. They get up there in the air and the host of the show and all the actors start screaming. The stunt pilot cuts the engines and the plane falls out of the sky. They even go so far as to throw a guy with a parachute out the back of the plane! So there’s this actress, screaming her head off and acting like any of us probably figures we would if we thought suddenly that we were about to die.”

Raven continues, “When you look at that video closely, though, you start to see some clues. The girl’s acting is just a little too good, a little too consistent. She doesn’t say or do anything foolish. She’s also always looking at the cameras, and she’s brushing the hair out of her face. Word came out shortly after the video was released that she was thinking of suing for the ‘prank,’ but then word came out again that she was in on the whole thing. It was staged. It was a hoax. And that’s my point. We’re like that girl in that we want to pretend to be scared, but we don’t want to face real risk. I think that’s part of a lot of our entertainment. The safe simulation of risk is something we all like, apparently. People are weird.”

Of her bisexuality, Raven is very honest. “I’m not one of those girls who just plays at being bisexual because guys think it is sexier,” she says. “I truly do like women and men both. And there’s so much to like about both of them. Men are great. They’re strong, and powerful, and hard in all the right places. They’re just this natural force. When a man holds you close, it’s the greatest feeling in the world. You feel safe and you feel vulnerable all at the same time, because if he wanted to do things to you, what could you do to stop him? That kind of trust, that kind of intimacy, is very special.”

Raven goes on, “Women, though, are different in a good way. Women are soft and supple. The soft, luscious feeling of a woman’s lips on mine is one of the greatest feelings ever. I love how sensual and electric women are when their bodies are pressed against mine. A woman’s body is at once so familiar and so alien, so inviting and so forbidden, that I get turned on just thinking about it. But I couldn’t choose between one or the other. To me, bisexuality is all about being open to new sexual experiences. I love the thought that no matter who I meet, there is potential there. I can find the sexy in anyone. I can be sexy with anyone. I’m completely free and open to developing those ties with anyone, and in the process, I get to know myself as a sexual being. These are all wonderful gifts.”

Raven is proud of her bikini collection and knows that she makes quite a picture when she’s poolside. “I can’t fault any guy for wandering over to get a better look,” she says, laughing. “If I was him, I’d check me out too. It’s a natural impulse. Sexy girls always get attention and always will. That’s the way of the world.”