Tempting Rose is just 23 years old. This blonde beauty’s hourly rate is $500. She is an animal lover who adores the world’s animals and wants everyone to get along with each other, too. She loves nature and spends every chance she can get in the great outdoors. Among her other hobbies are cooking and miniature golf. Cooking, she explains, can be surprisingly intimate, especially depending on who you cook for and with.


Age 23
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“I like to cook for a man to get to know him,” she explains. “This is much more intimate than most people think it to be, because it’s really something that is both giving and vulnerable at the same time. It’s giving, because of course you’re doing something for him, showing him that you care about him, and doing something that is special and personal. It’s a lot more effort than empty words or, if the roles were reversed, sending cards and flowers. It takes real effort and real focus. When you have someone come into your home, or you go into theirs, and you cook for them, it’s focused and intimate time that shows how much you are into them. But there’s also an element of vulnerability that teaches you a lot about yourself and about the person you’re trying to get close to.”

Rose goes on, “You see, when you put yourself in a position to be judged, how that person judges you is at least as important as what they conclude. Like, when I cook for a guy, I want him to like the food. I want him to be impressed. Guys like a girl with skills, and I like to think I’m pretty handy in the kitchen. Not a lot of girls are, no matter how many jokes we tell about getting him a sandwich. So when I cook for him, that first hurdle is making sure he’s happy with it. But then the second hurdle is seeing how he handles being in a position of power, being able to judge me. If he is nice about it, especially if he’s reasonable about mistakes I might have made, that’s a good sign. If he lies and just says it’s wonderful even when it’s not, that’s not a great sign, because it means he doesn’t feel like he can open up to me and be honest, and we still have some work to do. And if he’s too critical, well, that might mean we need to achieve a better understanding of each other, because who wants to make a connection with someone who’s too critical?”

The notion of being too critical strikes a real chord with Rose, who believes that attitude sabotages a great many relationships and interpersonal reactions. “To be blunt,” she says, laughing at herself, “women can be judgmental, vicious critics. I don’t think any man wants to put up with a harping shrew all day and all night, but some women seem to think it is their God-given right to be complaining and criticizing all the time. You can blame society, which shows this type of thing as normal. Every television show you’ve ever watched, and every movie too, usually features a female character whose job seems to be always criticizing the men in the movie or show. Nothing they do is ever good enough, and she’s certainly never supportive of their goals. If her man is attempting something difficult, does she tell him he can do it and stand beside him? No, usually, she tells him it’s impossible, and she refuses to be there when he takes on the challenge she doesn’t think he can tackle, and then at the last minute she begrudgingly comes around and shows a tiny bit of support.”

Rose goes on, “That’s no way to be with a man, but it’s incredibly common in our entertainment. So most women think that’s the normal way to behave. It’s no wonder men give up on traditional dating. Who wants to spend their time and money trying to attract a woman who will just criticize him and complain all the time? That’s why, whenever I have the opportunity, I go out of my way to show respect to the men in my life. I try to be supportive. A truly supportive woman is pretty rare, and I blame us collectively as women for that being the case. You shouldn’t have to think that as kind of the default, you know, that a woman won’t be supportive. But that’s what people think. And you can’t blame them for thinking it.”

Rose concludes, “The most important think any hot chick can do is get close to a man and treat him right. I think if we all followed that philosophy, we would all be better off as human beings together.”