Feisty brunette Ruby is 22 years old. Her hourly rate is $500. She enjoys styling her hair and doing different nail art. Looking good every day, looking her best for the men in her life and for those around her, is very important. She enjoys spending time in the park and really enjoys getting close to nature, such as going camping. She also believes that maintaining a positive attitude, and being ready to embrace every spontaneous opportunity that comes along, is the key to living a rich and fulfilling life.


Age 22
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Straight
Rate $500/hour

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“I think you’ve got to be able to wake up feeling positive every day,” Ruby explains. “The way you approach your life is the way you’ll live it. You could call it the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy. If you don’t wake up excited for your day, and really happy about what you’re going to accomplish that day, then really, what’s the point of life? And the key to being so happy, to staying positive and maintaining the right attitude even when you face problems, is to tell yourself that you will be positive no matter what. It’s a choice, is the point I’m making. People will tell you that they don’t choose to be happy or unhappy. They say that they are happy or unhappy based on what happens to them. But you control the course of your life. You aren’t just a passenger. If you wake up at the beginning of the day determined to be positive and happy, then that’s how you’ll be, and you’ll frame everything that happens to you in that way. You’ll see the best in people. You’ll find the positive aspects in every scenario. And all of that will improve your attitude, which reinforces your positivity.”

The other aspect of living a fulfilling life, according to Ruby, is being spontaneous. “Life is unpredictable,” she explains. “If you aren’t prepared to embrace new things as they present themselves, things you could not have predicted but that just kind of pop up, almost at random, then you’re going to miss out on things. You’re going to miss opportunities that might not come along again. So if you can’t just roll with it, if you can’t embrace those wonderful, spontaneous opportunities, you’ll lose out. But being spontaneous takes courage. What holds us back? What makes us think, ‘No, I shouldn’t try that?’ It’s fear. We fear the unknown. We fear the consequences of something we haven’t done but that we want to do. When we are paralyzed by fear, we lead lives that aren’t as good as they could be. I think that’s very sad. I think we should all work harder to make things better for ourselves, and that starts with being brave.”

Ruby believes that fear of the unknown may be holding back prospective customers, and she thinks this is a terrible loss. “If you’ve ever wondered what it might be like to go out with an escort,” she says, “you should stop wasting time and go for it. I guarantee that it won’t be bad. Our whole careers are built around making sure you have a good time, that you are happy and that you can go home satisfied. We will help you relax, ease you through it, walk you through the whole process, and see to it that anything that doesn’t go perfectly is corrected. We’ll also put you first and show you the respect you deserve as a man. No man who gets a taste of that ever wants to go back to dating the hard way, the traditional and conventional way.”

One of the reasons Ruby enjoys camping is that it gives her a chance to get away from it all. “I like to camp in the middle of nowhere,” she says. “I want to be somewhere that there is no signal, somewhere that my phone and my computer are completely useless. We spend too much time connected these days. There is nowhere you can get just some peace and quiet, without a phone ringing or your email demanding your time or text messages beating down on your brain. I like the reset that I get when I take a camping trip into the middle of nowhere. Not only do I get back in touch with nature and the world around me, but I get peace and quiet. I get a break from the fast pace of modern life.”

Ruby is aware of the seeming contradiction this represents. “I know that I’m saying you should be spontaneous but also take a break and be peaceful. I think those things can live together in the same person. We all need breaks and we all need rest. But you also have to be ready to take what comes your way, every day of life.”