Smoking hot 21-year-old Sophia is a party girl who knows how to embrace life. This brunette babe charges $500/hour. She enjoys anything that goes fast, and she’s very proud of how pretty her eyes are. Flirting is something she really enjoys no matter who she’s out with, and she likes to think that a single glance from her is enough to get any man’s motor running. In her spare time, she likes to go to live music venues. She’s also something of an amateur pole dancer and loves to strut her stuff, especially for an audience. Above all, though, Sophia is very opinionated when it comes to her job as a professional entertainer.


Age 21
Height 5’5″
Hair Brunette
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“The reason that you come to us is because you know that you’re getting top-quality professional entertainers,” she says. “No matter what your idea is for what we’ll do or how we’ll spend our time, whether you want to go out and paint the town red or you’d rather just spend some quiet time getting to know each other, you’re going to enjoy yourself. It’s my job to make sure that your experience is a positive and pleasant one. As long as you’ve got me to keep you company, the night is ours to make or break. Every time I meet a client, I look at our time together as having endless possibilities. It’s my job to make sure we take full advantage of all those possibilities.”

Sophia continues, “When I go out, I really take full advantage of the opportunity. I like to dress up in something super tight and form fitting, something that really shows off my body. I spend a lot of time checking myself out in the mirror before I go out. I want to know that if I walk into a club or a restaurant, every head is going to turn, and every eye is going to be on me. I like to think that maybe the men who see me are wondering how they might get pictures of me with their phone, telling stories the next day to their friends about how they saw this incredibly hot girl when they were out. It excites me to be the object of other people’s desires. And I know that as those men are looking at me, as they’re thinking about what it would be like to be with me, their wives and girlfriends and dates are looking at me too. Those women are jealous of me. They’re wondering why I can turn their guys’ heads. They’re wondering if they have what it takes to compete with me. Women are funny like that. We’re very competitive.”

Sophia is very proud of her ability to communicate her intentions through just the right sexy look and just the right smoky expression. “There’s nothing more fun than being able to communicate with a guy without ever actually saying anything to him,” she explains. “You give him this look, the way you hold your head, the way you bat your eyelashes at him. Maybe you hold his gaze just a little longer than you need to. Maybe you lick your licks and look up at him in just that way that says, ‘I’m thinking about what it would be like for us to be together.’ Men love to be seduced that way. And if you do it with just a look, if you keep yourself focused on just using your eyes, then who can say whose idea it was? They think it was their idea, you think it was your idea, and everybody wins.”

Winning is something Sophia enjoys when it comes to fast cars and street races, too. “Sports cars are such a thrill to me,” she says. “I like anything that goes fast. When I’m pressed back into my seat and I’m listening to that engine purr along, when we’re just eating up the pavement and nothing can touch us, that’s a thrill for me. I like that feeling. I like that emotion. But you’ve got to know your limits when it comes to high-powered automobiles. You can’t afford to push too hard too soon. I think that’s a lot like a relationship, really. You’ve got this incredibly powerful thing at your fingertips, something that could fly out of control if you don’t use just the most delicate touch. You’ve got to feel your way along and, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, disaster awaits. I’m probably putting too much into it, but a girl spends a lot of time thinking about these things, you know? That’s one of the reasons I hate to sleep alone. I love meeting new people and I love getting close to the new people in my life. It’s really just part of my personality. I freely admit that.”