Stacy proudly works as our most mature escort, not just by age, but also by experience. Stacy truly knows how to make a guy, girl, or group happy. Stacy is truly an example of something that only gets better with age. You will find it hard to believe that this youthful looking hottie is 25 years old. Of course, with her age comes years of experience in making men feel extreme pleasure like they have never felt before.

Long blonde hair, luscious kissable lips and perfectly rounded breasts are only some of Stacy’s many fabulous qualities. With an engaging personality that instantly has everyone feeling at ease and laughing, Stacy is the life of the party everywhere she goes. She can talk to anyone and really knows how to break the ice in any situation.

A long time Miami escort, Stacy knows many tricks of the trade and has lots of techniques that are designed to bring joy and pleasure to everyone she has a date with. As a lifelong resident of Miami, Stacy has her finger on the lively pulse of the city. She knows people from all walks of life and is a regular attendee at the openings of new clubs and restaurants. For a ticket that lets you enter Stacy’s world full of pleasure and wonderful experiences, give us a call so you can schedule a date with her before someone else does.


Age 25/td>
Height 5’4″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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Miami escorts Miami escorts
Miami escorts Miami escorts
Stacy has an exotic and temptress way about her and she will be tempting you just minutes from now if you play your cards right. That is if you pick up the phone and ask. She shows up in the wind and blows your mind. She may never say a word the whole night, but she has plenty that she can say in other ways. She is from some far away land and we didn’t even ask where. That is because we were too busy staring like high school boys. Just when we thought it could not get any better she introduced us to her girlfriend and our minds went wild. We could just imagine the fun they have when they are alone and the best thing is that you might not have to use your imagination.

If you and your special someone want a three person to hang out with, then this is the girl for you. If it is just you, that is fine to because Stacy is happy either way. There are men and women that have dreamed for a long time about what can happen if the situation presented itself. Want Stacy to present herself to you or to you and a friend? All you have to do is call or click and the presentation will be on the way. It is really that easy and it is really that quick. Try it out and you will not be disappointed. There is an unspoken promise in the air and we want you to feel that too. Stacy has a way about her that will cause you to lose your breath. She can come in and change the night or the afternoon or whatever. She is that easy to get along with.

Her voice is like silk and hearing it in your ear is almost enough, but there is more where that came from. It is easy and it is simple. You know that you want to call. If you know you want to try, then why not? Do not let another moment go by without Stacy by your side. You can feel the tension now and it is only going to get stronger when she shows up. She looks good doing anything and she is willing to do many things. You will love her as much as we do when you call or click.