Dirty-blonde Vivian is anything but a disappointment. She is 23 years old. Her hourly rate is $500. She loves to be entertained, and she likes to go to concerts and other entertainment venues. She also loves to explore new and interesting ways to have fun and to enjoy the company of others. She is keenly aware of the ways in which people fail to achieve their true potential in life. One of these is forever putting off until later things that should be accomplished today.


Age 23
Height 5’5″
Hair Blonde
Ethnicity Caucasian
Orientation Bi-Sexual
Rate $500/hour

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“Too many of us,” she says, “are constantly delaying, and putting off, and telling ourselves that there will be more time later. But thing is, you don’t get to decide how much time you have left. You don’t get to know. When your time comes, that’s it, and you won’t be able to ask for any more. I read somewhere once that one of the great mysteries of life is that we all live like we’re going to live forever. Yet none of us does, so acting like there will always be more time to accomplish things is a surefire recipe for failing. You’ve got to live your life like you expect to never know what’s going to happen to you. You have to get up every day and think, ‘I don’t know how much time I’ll get, so if there’s something I want to accomplish, the time to do it is now. The time to seize it is now.’ If you can do that, you have a pretty good chance of getting where you want to go in life. And really, that’s what we’re all trying to do, right? Get where we want to go while there’s still time to try?”

She goes on, “I try to live a life without a wasted minute. I want to be partying, having fun, meeting new people, and accomplishing my goals every second that I’m awake. If I could find a way to not sleep, or to continue working toward my life goals while I’m sleeping, I think I would. But I like to take good care of my body because it is what I use to accomplish my other goals. Being beautiful is what makes me valuable. It’s why you hire an escort, because you want to enjoy the company of a lovely woman, and maybe you want to be seen with me by other people.”

Vivian explains that one of her favorite parts of her job is helping her clients to look good. “I really like business functions and social functions,” she says. “Some of my clients will book me in order to have gorgeous, classy female companionship for things like big family reunions, class reunions, or business conventions. When I walk into a room with a guy, when I’m on his arm, and his friends or family or coworkers look at us, there’s nothing I enjoy more than the expressions on their faces. Most of the guys who book our time are guys who would have a chance with us if they really tried. I think a lot of guys sell themselves short. But because they do, their friends and family don’t ever think they’re going to see this person turn up with a gorgeous girl in a tight dress on a killer body. When I do, it’s time to make a scene, in a good way. It leaves an impression that most people never forget.”

Of all these gatherings, though, the business ones are Vivian’s favorites. “I think the reason I like going to business functions so much is because the business world can be so stuffy. Everybody likes to think they have their coworkers figured out. Everybody thinks of the corporate world as this dull, boring place. But it doesn’t have to be if people would just loosen up a little bit. I guarantee that the guy who sits in the cubicle next to you, who has no pictures of his family and who seems to be completely devoid of personality, has kinks you can’t even imagine. Maybe he’s into bondage. Maybe he’s into other things. Maybe he’s got a home life you could only dream about. You just don’t know because people in the business world pretend they don’t have personal lives. I think if we were all more honest with each other we could all have more fun.”

Vivian goes on, “I love being an escort because I get to disrupt all that stuffiness and really have fun with it. It isn’t just wowing my client’s coworkers, although that is certainly fun. It’s also just reminding these stuffy business types that super hot women exist in the world, and they could all do with some professional entertainer attention. I think the presence of a woman like me helps morale. ”