We promise to keep our prices as low as possible so that you can actually enjoy your time with your escort without having to worry about money. This is a service that is special and it will cost a little more than a pizza. However, if you think about the time and money that goes into regular dating, then this is actually less than that most of the time. The fact that a movie ticket is $20 per person or more these days is a scary fact and don’t even approach a dinner for two without a hundred dollar bill in your pocket. The cost of gas is another issue and that is why it can actually be less in the long run to order a girl from our service and it is surely easier.

Date Night
Enjoy a special and fun one on one date day or night with one of our gorgeous Miami escorts. Spend the night in at your place or go out for a night on the town. This is a great service and it is a way to show your friends and family that you can get that special girl. This is also know as our business man pack, as it is a great way to have some fun and see the town for a business man or even a business woman from out or town to get that date night without the trouble of bar hopping and searching for that special girl. That special girl is right here and she is a lot more fun than an uncomfortable first date where you and she does not know what to do or say. Our girls know exactly what to do or say and you don’t have to say a word, just be your self and let her take care of the fun.

Length: Typically 2 hours

Initial Fee- $200.00
Additional Costs- Tips (The more you tip the longer she stays)

Full Strip Show
Entertainment for a whole crowd or one-on-one. Your escort(s) will stay with you for an hour as long as you are tipping and having fun. There are all manner of games of the intimate nature that our girls are trained to play and there are all manner of things that can be fun. This can be for just you or it can be for a group. This is typically for a group, but you can be all alone with your girl as long as you want and as long as the tips keep flying. This is the bachelor party in a box that you have seen in all the movies that you always wanted to have. Do not worry if some of your group is a little shy, our girls are fully trained and they know how to let the genie out of the box, so to speak.

Length: Typically 1 hour

1 Escort- $100.00
2 Escorts- $200.00

Quick Show or Strip-o-Gram
Looking for just a quick show to see some hot babes naked in your house? Want to send a hot escort to a friends house as a surprise? No problem! This is just plain fun and it is a great way to surprise someone that will never see it coming. Our girls know how to handle different situations and they can be sent to offices and workplaces. They know how to judge when and where to do their show and they know when to keep it clean. They will typically drag an unsuspecting person into a closet or a closed room if the venue is an office and they will make sure that no one is offended. It is a professional and fun visit and will know that no one will ever think of you the same again. You will be the life of the party whether there is a party or nor. You can even keep the gift anonymous if that is the way that you want to go, but we think it is more fun when they know who set them up. Even send one to yourself as a midday pick me up or a pleasant surprise. We can be given a general time and date range and we can surprise you. We aim to please and will honor most requests that are not putting our girls in danger.

Typically 15-30 minutes

$120 for 1 Escort

We offer you a range of different services. From a short sneak peek that provides a gorgeous babe and gives your eyes a treat, to a longer date night or even beyond, Miami Babe Finder has a package that works for you, your schedule and your wallet. While we offer these services, we also realize that everyone is different and we are more than happy to work with you to craft a date to suit your own particular needs and desires. We are experienced in honoring special requests and urge you to contact us to see what we can do for you!