What do women want? It’s a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in another mystery… with boobs. Have you ever stopped to wonder exactly what it is that women want? Well, first, let’s look at what men want. Men want healthy women who are very attractive. They are therefore attracted to women who are physically beautiful. They are also attracted to women who behave as if they enjoy sex, because men want sex and lots of it. But they don’t care about almost any other factor. The average man doesn’t care if a woman is stupid as long as she is very hot. He’ll gladly have sex with her many times no matter how dumb she is. He may not even care if she has a bad personality, because the trade off is that he gets to have sex with a highly desirable woman. Men don’t care if a hot girl has money. They don’t care if she has power or authority. They couldn’t care less who she is as a person as long as she has a hot, tight body and they are allowed to have sex with her. That’s really what it comes down to. The average man is fairly easily pleased. He wants a young, attractive, healthy woman. Please understand, even if you have no desire to father children, your genetics drives you to desire the women most suited to child-bearing. (And, not to get creepy on you, but why do you think, deep down, we think it’s wrong to have sex with the very young or the very old? It’s because they can’t have children, so clearly on a genetic level our bodies understand the morality of it. It’s a physical morality. It’s a physical and biological reality.

This is what drives men’s desires subconsciously. Women, by contrast, have a completely different situation. They, after all, are the ones who must bear children. Getting knocked up during ancient times meant month after grueling month during which they were dependent on support and protection from the tribe. While they were pregnant, especially late in the pregnancy, they were much more vulnerable to predators, other tribes of humans, and so on. This meant that a woman, to survive, had to choose a mate who was strong and powerful, one who commanded respect and even fear, so he could protect her from his rivals and from enemy tribes of humans. She needed someone who could hunt, someone who could provide, because she would need to rely on him to keep her alive and her baby when it was born. Women learned, on a genetic level, total dependence on men. Unlike men, who choose their mates for attractiveness on the subconscious level, women were taught by their genetic heritage to value high-value men. That’s because it is the high-value men, the studs, the men with power and influence, who project the type of strength that a woman in ancient times required in a man.

These days you’re not likely to die in child birth and in a civilized society a woman hardly even needs to have the father of her baby around… but your brain, your genes, don’t know these things. Your brain and your genes still operate, subconsciously, as if it’s ancient times and saber-tooth tigers are still roaming the land. This means that women will always choose a high-value, high-status man over a lesser-status man. This is why some men you know are confident studs who are handy with the ladies, and other men you know are losers who can’t seem to cut it. Strength and confidence are self-fulfilling prophecies. The more a man has, the more he wants, and the more he gets. And what this all comes down to is that in modern society, men are losing their grip on the ability to procreate and find women, especially beautiful women, because structures within society are breaking down. This all relates back to men giving up on traditional relationships and turning to Miami escorts to get the romantic exposure to top-shelf, gorgeous, high-value women that they want.

So how does all this work, exactly? The answer has as much to do with the genetics we’ve just discussed as it does with human nature and politics. Things are changing now, but you were taught from a very young age that the traditional model of dating and relationships was the way you found someone to make a romantic connection. It was the way you found your “mate” in the modern world, although you didn’t necessarily have to marry and settle down with the first person to come along. But you see, that’s significant. Monogamous marriage was instituted as a societal institution because it makes society more stable. In ancient times, those confident, high-value warrior males, those leaders we talked about, got most of the women for themselves. The lesser men, the weaker beta males, were left behind.

They didn’t get to have sex, they didn’t get to procreate, and they didn’t get to extend their bloodlines. That’s the cold, hard truth about evolution and modern society, we’re afraid. But the point is that at some point, monogamy was introduced. Now, instead of having multiple mates, a man took just one wife. This left more of the highly desirable women available for other men. Because the desirable women now had less access to the most desirable males, they expanded their search to the lower tiers of men. The result was that most men had the ability to find someone, make a connection, make babies, and go on from there genetically. This promotes as stable society full of families, which is how most societies throughout history have prospered when they did indeed grow and do well.

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